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Sue…Sue Tonks loves approaching life differently.

With her creative and pragmatic mind and the experience she has had across 7 industry sectors, Sue is ever eager to find easy solutions to everyday problems both inside the workplace and in life.


Sue is an incredible Trainer and Speaker. She delivers workshops and keynotes with unforgettable comedy moments. Her knowledge and tips on how to get the best from your Networking and Management experiences have given her international acclaim. Her fun and practical style enables delegates to vividly remember key points and develop long lasting skills.

Sue’s highly interactive, practical and fun sessions gives people the skills, confidence and desire to create immediate change.

Her joint honours degree in Psychology and Sociology gave her a curiosity about human behaviour. So much so that she is fascinated by human relationships and the effects people have on each other.


Her book “Can I Have A Word?” is written is Sue’s style - creating immediate impact and practical solutions to dealing with performance, attitude and behaviour both at work and in life. With video links throughout the book the readers can learn the techniques and see them working through video case studies, in the way only Sue can deliver!


Sue has learned her skills from the bottom up.


Her first business role was a management trainee (the first woman ever appointed) with British Road Services (BRS) followed quickly by a baptism of fire as Sue managed 86 heavy goods vehicle drivers and fitting staff - an interesting start to learning management skills.


Always willing to learn, Sue embarked on every training programme possible to develop her skills. Her practical approach to any situation enabled her to develop EASY methods for managers and people to put into place.  


Sue, born and now living in Warwickshire. Is an internationally renowned keynote speaker and trainer on Networking and Leadership. Spreading her skills techniques to major businesses universities worldwide, manufacturing, accountancy and law firms.


She is the inventor and manufacturer of multi-award winning Hydroveg Kits with plans to help feed the world in addition to running five other businesses.

If Sue can do anything - she can take a problem, find an easy solution, and share it with others in a way that makes it easy, memorable and create immediate results.

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