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Key - Note presentations.

Sue’s current key notes are:

“ROLLERCOASTERS, ROUNDABOUTS AND ROULETTE” – The ups and downs, the twists and turns of being in business and planning your way forward. This Keynote is from Sue’s personal experience where, from the risk of bankruptcy Sue was able to create and execute a plan to build long tern financial security for herself and her family against the odds. In this talk she will look at the ups and downs of being in business and share her successful planning process with you. The realism of Sues story hits home, her humour keeps the audience’s attention and the way she explains her route to success stays with people forever.

“HOW I SACKED THE DRAGONS” – Sue is the Inventor of a multi-award-winning hydroponic gardening system called HYDROVEG KITS. She is not an engineer or a scientist or even a gardener, but after a chat with a man in a fishing chip shop queue, invented a revolutionary way for people to grow veg with no digging, weeding, and little watering. Her journey through the creation of a whim into an award winning product shows the importance of creativity and resilience – where she sacked the “DRAGONS”.

“CAN I HAVE A WORD?” - Is the Keynote for Sues book.  In Sues fabulous, funny and engaging style she helps managers at all levels to deal effectively with performance, attitude or behaviour conversations, whether in the workplace, family members or even neighbours. Sue’s fun approach shows why 96% of conversations go WRONG and how to fix them. In this session Sue helps you get the best from your people and if necessary be able to have those difficult conversations without causing upset and longer tern difficulties.

"BEING A CONFIDENT AND EFFECTIVE NETWORKER" - Being a ‘good networker’ is a key skill to link yourself to others in your field of expertise, or to raise your profile.  Networking is not about selling.  It is about building relationships and building trust. Sue’s highly interactive, practical and fun session will give you the skills and confidence to create the BEST immediate impression and build better and long-lasting relationships, spotting the opportunities and dealing with them with professionalism Sue…Sue Tonks delivers NETWORKING workshops with unforgettable comedy moments. Her knowledge and tips on how to get the best from your NETWORKING experiences have given her International acclaim. Her fun and practical style enables delegates to vividly remember key points and develop long lasting skills. Once seen never forgotten.

Sue Tonks
Sue... Sue Tonks

Dear Sue

Thanks again for coming down to give this session.  I think no one was quite sure what to expect and all I have heard from everyone is how much they enjoyed it.  Everyone seemed to get something different out of the event and the fact no has complained is a miracle in itself J.  I really enjoyed the event and definitely learnt some new trick about how to network/navigate between groups which has definitely made me feel more confident when going to events by myself.  Really think you did a fab job with the training and would not hesitate to recommend you to others looking for this type of training course.

Best wishes


Dr Matt Simmonds
Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation Fellow

Oxford Centre for Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolism
University of Oxford

Sue Tonks
Sue Tonks

Dear Sue

I hope you made it home safely to the UK.  My sincere thanks for coming to Brussels and partaking in our workshop.  The feedback from the students was excellent - they really enjoyed your presentation and they are still talking about it now. I am extremely thankful that you inspired our next generation of scientists and equipped them with the tools for networking. I do hope the interactions with Cuong will be fruitful. I hope we have an opportunity to work again together and wish you the best of luck with the hydroponics systems you are developing.

Best wishes


Professor Ian Henderson

Deputy Director, Research Institute for Molecular Bioscience The University of Queensland Australia

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