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The “Essence of Management” is a highly practical Leadership and Management Programme which offers the following benefits to Managers and our Clients.


Giving genuine return on investment is our passion. Training takes people out of the workplace, costs much in terms of money and time…so we want to ensure you see a great return from that investment.

  • Immediate application in the workplace – giving practical results from day one.

  • Return on investment - through our “Money Generation, Money Saving or Business Improvement” projects.

  • Measurable results – through the pre and post course “Full Circle Feedback” process and the work based assignments.

  • Management made simple – achieving immediate “buy-in” and enjoyable learning.

Our training is down to earth, highly practical and memorable. We pride ourselves on the way the delegates put into practice major aspects of the course, and are accountable for effective application back in the workplace.  We grow the whole person through widening their skills in terms of presentation skills, leading and managing and build their confidence to deal with even the most challenging situations professionally and effectively.

The programme is based on seven  x one day sessions, one a week. Between each session there are practical workbased assignments to be completed before the next session. These are highly practical “doing” assignments– not written ones.


The programme is an  “In-House“ programme.


The programme is not theoretical – it is practical. It requires little in terms of written assignments. It is important that the delegate understands the ideas and concepts, and is motivated to apply the ideas in a practical way back at work.




Before the Programme starts the delegates complete a 360 degree feedback. They choose up to 9 team members, peers or people they have a working involvement with inside or outside of the Company. Their Line manager completes the questionnaire as doe the person on themselves.

At session 1 the person sees their results which is – where they have rated themselves, where their line manager believes they are and the average of their feedback team. Each aspect of the results is covered on the Programme and it gives the delegates an opportunity to work on specific areas to improve their skills and abilities.




After each session Delegates return to the workplace to carry out a number of activities directly linked to their job role. They report back verbally the next session the results and receive one to one presentation skills coaching. This enhances confidence, ability to communicate to a wider audience and become more effective at “selling their ideas” and influencing people. This allows the facilitator to measure understanding and application in the workplace as well as allowing each delegate to share their new learning and skills with others.



During the Programme each delegate works on a “Money Generation, Money Saving or Business Idea”. The final session incorporates the presentation of the idea and implementation plan to the other delegates, their Line Manager and specific Senior Management. It is recommended that Senior Managers/ Directors of the Companies involved attend this final session to ask questions, evaluate the effectiveness of the business improvement idea,   experience the growth and development of their team, and witness first- hand the benefits of the training. Current average savings are £17,680 per person.



Three months after the training has been completed we run the  360 degree (Full Circle) review again. Following this we have a review with the delegate, their Line Manager and a representative from HR to discuss the results of the change discussed, and map out future development. We also evaluate the impact of the programme of their work and the results of their “Money Saving, Money Generation or Business Improvement Idea”.  This ensures long term change and development has been achieved.




Session 1 - MANAGEMENT STARTS WITH YOU.                           

Identifying their own leadership and management, communication and motivational styles.  

Developing the power of effective communication. Enhancing Influencing skills in meetings, with customers and in general management. Enhancing creativity in the workplace (In preparation for session 7/8 presentation)


Session 2 - UNDERSTANDING OTHERS.                              

Identifying the skills and abilities of individuals and the team to achieve results,  Understanding the impact of learning styles. identifying the knowledge, skills and attitudes required in a role to ensure success and prepares the way for effective Appraisals/ PDP’s…


Session 3 - THE TOOLS OF MANAGEMENT.                   

How to delegate, who to delegate to and how to stay in control. Following up effectively on delegates tasks. Principles of effective time management and organisation.  Planning and objective setting.  Running and participating in meetings.          


Session 4 - INSPIRING OTHERS.                            

Achieving positive “buy in” from your team and others. Setting and monitoring “Service Level Standards” (KPI’s and objectives). Delivering team talks.  Giving positive feedback and recognition. Creating measurable and motivational results.                            

Long term planning and strategy development. Practical project management (for project implementation idea at session 7/8). Dealing with emotions and behaviour in the workplace.



Improving individual and team performance through effective training and development. Coaching for improved results.  Dealing quickly and effectively with problems of attitude, behaviour and performance in a quick and easy way to avoid the long term traumas of disciplinary action and legal issues. Following up on actions taken.


Presentation skills, team roles, team building and practical (outdoor) team exercise.


Session 7 - THE ESSENCE OF............SUCCESS.

Final presentations of business improvement ideas and programme review. Guests invited.  


360 Degree Feedback.         

A  360 degree feedback process is completed for each delegate before the Programme starts and again 3 months after the Programme has been completed. Each delegate rates themselves in 35 areas contained in the Programme, they also receive feedback from their Line manager, and up to 9 staff/ colleagues of their choosing. The results of this are displayed in graphical format. The process is repeated 8 weeks and the course to  show areas of improvement.


Post course review.             

Each delegate receives a visit with the final results of their 360 degree feedback and discuss progress and long term benefits. The delegates Line Manager is in attendance at this review. Measurable results are give to the Organisation to use as evaluation towards “Investors in People” (Business Award in the UK).

Practical Assignments.       

Each week delegates report back on the results of their assignments, this ensures that the delegates have put the Programme into practice each week, understood the course content and create immediate and measurable results in the workplace throughout the programme.


Return On Investment.      

At week one delegates start a project which have direct financial impact in their Company. The “Money saving, Money generation or Business improvement” idea is an implementation project driven by the delegate to enhance an aspect of their work/department. At various stages of the programme the project is revisited and additional skills gained to assist  with the next stage. At the final session each delegate presents their  project implementation plan to the group. We invite Senior Managers and Directors to this session to listen to the project, ask questions and see for themselves the return on investment from the programme. The current average saving on the programme is £17, 638.


We want to show Companies that Training can create measurable and sustainable results in the workplace in a short period of time, this is sustainable change and growth

Sue Tonks
Sue Tonks


Leadership Training Workshop.

Hi Sue

Thank you so much for presenting to us on Tuesday evening.  

We had 28 attendees altogether and the feedback forms of were 100% rated as Excellent/Very good.  The comments we received said “Sue brings the subject to life, great fun, hope I remember all the points” “Very powerful and very interesting” “Very helpful, read books etc. but heard new ideas tonight” “Very enjoyable presentation, very informative & interesting ” “Really enjoyed it and the interaction of the presentation made you think".

Events such as these are invaluable to our members to ensure we remain up to date, accurate and confident in our work.   

I hope you enjoyed the visit to our branch and look forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes

Julie Rogerson MAAT    AAT Lancashire Branch Secretary    

Dear Sue,

I wanted to write and Thank you for a very good and refreshing programme. Very enjoyable!

Simply by turning round a meeting with a team member instead of starting with why did this go wrong and trying at all times to get a win win result at all times.

Together with the tone and wording of the message for each individual team member. It is all about knowing your members and what makes them tick as well.

Gavin Sloan Howell & Co Solicitors

Hi Sue


A big thank you for another fab day which everyone enjoyed so much and importantly learnt from in various ways.

You have made a real difference to their confidence and willingness to try new things especially around staff and volunteer management and I really appreciate it!

Deb has asked me to email you with some of the comments we received on the evaluation forms (see below).  She has asked me to thank you for giving up your time and facilitating  an excellent day.


The overall score for the day was 5 (Excellent)

“Excellent day and speaker.  Will be able to use professionally, supporting team and training and supervision support”

“Thank you for a very memorable day that has helped with understanding some aspects of management”

“The day was entertaining, informative and illuminating!  Really useful tips to examine “busyness” differently and help approach this in a beneficial and constructive way”

“Very motivational, Sue is a very good speaker who kept your attention throughout.  She is enthusiastic and fun in her delivery”

“Really fantastic presenter J Very interesting, thought provoking day and lots of ideas/skills to build on; motivational – attention kept all day!”

“Excellent fun in delivering a subject that could be quite heavy.  Really helpful tips, but also just looking at yourself more honestly and constructively”

Once again, many thanks for supporting our Education programme.

As always very lovely to see you.

I will look forward to seeing you again next year!

Take care

Deb Hickey Chief executive, St Lukes Hospice

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